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part of the key that makes the tumblers activate
the lock.



Blade of key:
portion of the key that is inserted into the keyhole



Bow of key:
portion of the key that is not inserted into the keyhole



Combination lock:
a lock which is opened by a code combination


Keyed Alike:
one key that operates all of
the locks


a key that operates only
one lock


Lock picking:
unlocking a lock without the original key


Master Key:
A Key that is designed to operate all the locks in a specific group of locks



replacing the tumblers of a lock cylinder with other tumblers of different sizes which will require a different key to operate.





parts inside a lock that needs to be aligned to exact positions in order for the lock to operate.


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What: The change of tumblers lock allowing only a different key to operate it, similar to replacing your lock.
Why: increases your security level if you experienced lost or stolen keys.
When: ncreases the chances of duplicating them and therefore you must always rekey your lock. Rekey is a common service and is done on the spot.
Code combination lock
What: Lock which is operated by a sequence of numbers or symbols,
instead of a key. 
Why: There are two varieties of this lock, one commonly seen on school lockers and another mostly used in office doors which requires dialing numbers to operate the lock. The use of a code combination lock is recommended especially for safes or office doors
Master key
What: A key which is designed to open several locks.
Why: Saves time and is more convenient using one key for all your locks. Master key is recommended for the use in your home and office.
Transponder key
What: Also known as a chip key. It is an electronic device used to wirelessly receive and transmit electrical signals. When it comes to your car keys, while the key is turned in the ignition, the car's computer transmits a radio signal and the response is by sending a coded signal back to the car's computer. If the code is not correct then the car won't start, therefore you must have the right key to start the car.
Why: Transponder key was invented in order to reduce auto theft and it does.
When: A professional locksmith with the required set of tools can help you in the case of lost or stolen transponder keys.
Lock picking
What: Unlocking any lock without the right key.
Why: This method is used by professional locksmiths when you are locked out. The idea is unlocking the lock in a manner that will not cause any damage to the lock.
When: If you are locked out a professional locksmith can complete the job in a short period of time.
High security locks
What: A term referring to more powerful and advanced locks. Today, there are many types of locks that serve different purposes.
Why: Installing high security lock will keep you and your belongings more secure. Ask your locksmith which high security lock is recommended for you  
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